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November 3, 2015  |  November 3, 2015 Election Endorsements

Do you find the alphabet soup of propositions on the November ballot in San Francisco confusing? The SF Moderates board makes sense of the 11 measures with recommendations on how you should vote if you want more common sense at City Hall. Below the list of propositions, see our endorsements for elected offices. Don’t forget to vote November 3, 2015.


Prop A – Affordable Housing Bond – YES.  Housing bonds are only a part of the solution to San Francisco’s housing ... | Read More >

October 22, 2015  |  Voter Fraud in District 3 Race

Reports of  widespread voter fraud, apparently designed to manufacture votes for Aaron Peskin in his race to unseat Supervisor Julie Christensen in the November 3 race for District 3 supervisor, are being made by observers regarding buildings controlled by the Chinatown Community Development Corporation (CCDC), a Peskin ally.

These include multiple statements by senior citizens, reporting their ballots being taken and filled out by others – apparently on a systematic and widespread basis. The Christensen/Peskin race is critically important to the ... | Read More >

October 11, 2015  |  Why SF Housing Slips Like Sand Through Our Fingers

By Joel P. Engardio

What do Groundhog Day, the boogeyman, Whack-a-Mole and the phrase “like sand slipping through your fingers” have in common?

They illustrate San Francisco’s perpetual housing crisis.

Groundhog Day: HBO played homage to Bill Murray’s classic movie about life in a time warp with its recent documentary San Francisco 2.0. I thought HBO might say something unexpected and truth-telling about decades of failed housing policy and San Francisco’s refusal to build for the future. But the film was a rehash ... | Read More >

September 13, 2015  |  Saving City College With Competence

City College Trustees Rafael Mandelman (left) and Alex Randolph

By Joel P. Engardio

I grew up in the General Motors factory town of Saginaw, Michigan raised by a single mom. She cleaned people’s houses by day and started taking night courses at the local community college to get a better job when I was 9.

On her way to class, she dropped me off at the Delta College pool for open swim with other kids in the same situation. Our only supervision ... | Read More >

September 13, 2015  |  Victim Wars: Evictors vs. the Evicted

By Joel P. Engardio

At first glance, this is another sad eviction story in the ongoing saga of San Francisco’s overheated housing market: An elderly Latino couple living in the Mission for 50 years versus millennial newcomers seeking a hip neighborhood.

Yet what kind of story is it if the Spanish-speaking grandparents are the ones doing the evicting?

Jose and Maria Cardenas, 73 and 74, are landlords using the only legal tool they have – the dreaded Ellis Act – to reclaim their one rental unit for a recently married granddaughter who needs a place to live.

Jose and Maria are ... | Read More >