About SF Moderates

We want San Francisco to be a city that champions innovation, encourages smart economic growth and offers opportunity for newcomers. We celebrate art and culture, value compassion, seek sustainability and practice social justice. We also want the buses and trains to run on time, our parks to serve an urban population and our public schools to work for families. We support a city government that is efficiently managed, responsive to quality of life issues and above all follows common sense.

As SF Moderates, we are truly progressive by dictionary definition. We are forward-thinkers who advocate for progress. We embrace change that can improve lives. Too often, San Francisco’s so-called progressive establishment fights to keep things as they were, promoting failed policies that only make living here more difficult.

In San Francisco, moderate means common sense. We’re socially liberal and fiscally responsible. We are sympathetic to both sides of an issue as we seek pragmatic solutions that work for everyone.


We support policies that make it easier to build housing in San Francisco so more residents can achieve affordable housing and homeownership. A vibrant housing market with adequate supply helps both tenants and homeowners. Recognizing that San Francisco’s biggest issue is the housing crisis, we reaffirm our intention to endorse policies and programs that increase supply of new homes – especially moderately priced and affordable housing.


Education is an investment in our future. That’s why we must raise the quality of all public schools in San Francisco so every child has the opportunity to succeed. We can do this by supporting public magnet schools in language, arts and sciences. These programs will attract parents who have fled to private schools and keep families from leaving San Francisco for better schools elsewhere. We also support a change in the school assignment system that will allow families to walk their children to school. Walkable schools strengthen communities, reduce traffic congestion and allow for more family time at home.


We believe the tech community is an important contributor to San Francisco’s dynamic economy and culture. Tech workers are creators and artists. We recognize that they are our colleagues, friends, neighbors and family members. They make San Francisco more interesting and diverse, continuing a long history of newcomers transforming the city for the better. We encourage and facilitate tech workers to engage in political discourse. We want city government to embrace the benefits of tech and innovation. That’s why we support initiatives like “Techies Who Vote” that inform and organize tech workers to be civic participants.


We support a fully-funded MUNI, but we also expect accountability and efficiency from our public transportation system. It is vital to our city’s success and must be improved so it works for everyone.


We are willing to spend money on what makes any city great: recreation-focused parks, street trees, libraries and community centers, pedestrian and bike-friendly roads with efficient traffic flow.


We believe job-creation, innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit is the best way to fund our shared social goals. A robust economy will pay for the parks, roads, police and fire protection, healthcare and programs for the less fortunate that we care about.


We are advocates for clean and safe streets. We support ordinances that prevent destructive and anti-social behavior. We also support sustainable, lasting solutions to homelessness that include treatment of mental health issues.

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