November 8, 2016 Election Endorsements

vote2The SF Moderates Board has made its endorsements of candidates and ballot measures for the November 8, 2016 election. As a San Francisco focused non-partisan organization, SF Moderates actively supports and endorses candidates who share our values, and recommends common sense positions on local ballot measures. We tend not to focus our efforts on State level races or propositions. Be sure to take these recommendations to the polls or when voting by mail! 


1 – Marjan Philhour
2 – David Lee

No endorsement

1- London Breed

1- Joel Engardio
2 – Ben Matranga

1- Joshua Arce

1- Asha Safai

Ian Kalin
Trevor McNeil
Rachel Norton
Jill Wynns

Paul Henderson

BART Board
D9 – Bevan Dufty
D7 – Zakhary Mallett

City College
Alex Randolph
Amy Bacharach
Rafael Mandelman

State Senate:
Scott Wiener

Prop A – School Bond – Yes
Prop B – City College Parcel Tax – Yes
Prop C – EQ Funds for Affordable Housing – Yes
Prop D – Vacancy Appointments – No
Prop E – Street Trees – Yes
Prop F – Lowering Voting Age – No
Prop G – Police Accountability – Yes
Prop H – Public Advocate – NO
Prop I – Set aside for Senior Housing – No
Prop J – Set aside for homelessness & transportation (depends on K passing) – Yes
Prop K – Authorizes Sales Tax increase (for J) – Yes
Prop L – MTA Appointments – No
Prop M – Housing Commission – No
Prop N – Non-Citizen Voting in School Board Elections – No
Prop O – Bayview Office Development – Yes
Prop P – Competitive Bidding for Affordable Housing – Yes
Prop Q – No Tents on Public Sidewalks – Yes
Prop R – Neighborhood Crime Unit – Yes
Prop S – Allocation of Hotel Tax Funds – No
Prop T – Gift Spend & Reporting – No
Prop U – Income Eligibility for Affordable Housing – Yes
Prop V – Soda Tax – Yes
Prop W – Real Estate Transfer Tax – No
Prop X – Maintaining PDR – No
Prop RR – BART Bond – Yes


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