Endorsements for June 7, 2016 election

vote2The SF Moderates Board has made its endorsements of candidates and ballot measures for the June 7, 2016 election (vote by mail starts May 9). In particular, if you are a registered Democrat, the “Democratic County Central Committee” endorsements are very important this year – we have done our homework on the DCCC candidates that we believe will reflect SF Moderates values, so be sure to take these recommendations to the polls or when voting by mail!


Prop A – Health Facilities Bond – YES.   Prop A provides up to $350 million to improve earthquake safety and general functioning of health centers (including San Francisco General Hospital), emergency response facilities and homeless shelters. Bolstering earthquake safety of health and emergency response facilities is important, and a bond is the right way to finance these long-range projects.

Prop B – Park, Recreation and Open Space Fund – YES.  Prop B extends a property tax set-aside for parks, locks in general fund support for the Recreation and Park Department, and provides for slowly increasing funding for the department through 2026.  SF Moderates has always been a strong advocate for parks – they have gotten the short stick in funding in recent years.  Prop B will help to reverse a long-term negative trend in funding for parks and open spaces.

Prop C – Mandatory Affordable Housing Requirements – NO.  Prop C seems appealing at first blush – it doubles the percentage of affordable units that new housing developments must include to 25 percent on-site and 33 percent off-site, and allows the Board of Supervisors to change this requirement in the future. There’s little organized opposition to Prop C, as the proponents have neutralized opposition from most of the development community by grandfathering existing projects. But make no mistake – Prop C will hurt future housing construction, as the 25/33 percent inclusionary level will not be financially feasible for most projects.  Requirements for a future feasibility study in the legislation will likely be too little too late.  The result will be a severe reduction in future housing construction, which will lead to even higher housing prices – exactly the opposite of what we need in San Francisco.  Vote NO.

Prop D – Officer-Involved Shootings – YES.   Prop D requires that the Office of Citizen Complaints investigate all incidents in which the discharge of a gun by a police officer results in injury or death. This legislation will ensure a layer of citizen oversight for the most serious uses of force by police.

Prop E – Paid Sick Leave – YES.   Prop E would expand the City’s paid sick leave requirements to match the State of California’s requirements where the state’s paid sick leave law offers a greater benefit. Prop  E will simplify enforcement of the City’s paid sick leave enforcement and make compliance easier for employers.

Measure AA – Bay Restoration Tax – YES.  Measure AA creates a $12 parcel tax in all nine Bay Area counties, dedicated to restoring San Francisco Bay.   Protecting San Francisco Bay is important, particularly in the face of climate change and sea level rise.  This regional approach to one of our most important natural resources should be supported.


State Senate, District 11 — Scott Wiener
Superior Court Judge — Paul Henderson

Democratic Party Central Committee (DCCC), 17th District:
London Breed
Francis Tsang
Marlene Tran
Arlo Hale Smith
Jill Wynns
Scott Wiener
Zoe Dunning
Malia Cohen
Tom Hsieh Sr.
Gary McCoy
Joshua Arce
Leah Pimentel
Rebecca Prozan
Alix Rosenthal

Democratic Party Central Committee (DCCC), 19th District:
Keith Baraka
Joel Engardio
Mary Jung
Mark Farrell
Rachel Norton
Tom A. Hsieh
Emily Murase
Trevor McNeil
Kat Anderson
Marjan Philhour

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